Man at his home testing his air conditioning system, checking for signs of AC drain clog.

AC Drain Clog: 7 DIY Steps to Fix AC Drains

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When your family relies on AC to stay cool and comfortable, it helps to know a little about how the system works. You don’t have to call a repair service every time the HVAC hiccups and, if you know the tricks, you can fix a lot of simple heating or cooling challenges on your own. The DIY method is a practical approach …

Man performing a residential home air duct cleaning using special tools.

Duct Cleaning: Is it a Waste of Money?

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There are two leading opinions about duct cleaning. One says you should clean ducts every year, the other says ducts should be left alone. Are ducts a harbor of hidden dust and pollen? Or are they a simple mechanical necessity of the HVAC system? Many will say that cleaning your ducts is a waste of time and money, that they …

Man adjusting the temperature of his thermostat at home during winter.

Best Thermostat Temperature in Winter

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When the temperature drops, we turn up the heat to stay comfortable. Most people prefer their homes somewhere between 65 and 75 degrees F depending on your personal body temperature and the temperatures you’re accustomed to. However, wintertime is also often associated with higher power bills because you want that heat going constantly to ward off the outdoor chill. When …

HVAC Specialist

HVAC Specialist to the Rescue

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Are you dealing with a faulty HVAC system? Does the heater work but the air-conditioning doesn’t? Or perhaps the air-conditioning works fine but the heaters faulty. No matter what problems you may be having with your heating and cooling system a professional heating and air company in Vermillion will be able to diagnose the problem and fix it. Let a …

Furnace Replacement Vermillio

Furnaces Provide Warmth When You Need It the Most

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Your local heating and cooling company is the perfect partner for staying warm through the frigid winter months. Using services provided by certified and experienced heating technicians ensures you get the repair and replacement services needed that are crucial to your comfort. The professionals at Larry’s Heating & Cooling provide services for furnace replacement in Vermillion that are also more …

Air Conditioner Repairs

Do Not Sweat It Out Get Air Conditioner Repairs

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When the weather gets hot the first thing you want to do is turn on your air conditioner. What if your air conditioner doesn’t work when you turn it on? You don’t want you or your family to become too hot to be able to say comfortable at home. Don’t sweat it out, call Larry’s Heating & Cooling for AC …

Cool System During the Hottest Month

Keep Your Cool During the Hottest Month of the Year

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Nothing can help you keep your cool better during the hottest months of the year than a brand-new AC installation. Companies like Larry’s Heating & Cooling are proud to offer their customers services for AC installation in Yankton that help keep them cool. All it takes is a thorough inspection to determine what is necessary when it comes to installing …