How Often Should You Change Your Air Filter?‏

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One of the most important home HVAC tasks is changing your filter. This simple ‏‏maintenance‏ ‏ task keeps everything functioning properly and also ensures your energy bills don’t go up unnecessarily. Unfortunately, most homeowners forget to change their air filters, or just don’t change them as often as they should. This is a preventable error that can save you from …

Home Heat Hacks: Saving Money in Winter‏

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If you’re not careful, your home heating bills can skyrocket in winter, especially on those extra-cold snowy days and weeks. The trick is to get your home as warm as you possibly can before cranking up the heat. After all, there are ways to keep your bills from going out of control without having to wear jackets indoors. First, you’ll …

What HVAC Dampers Are and How to Use Them

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HVAC systems have many components that work together to heat and cool your home or business. Dampers are less popular components of heating and cooling systems, but they play a crucial role in temperature regulation.  What Are HVAC Dampers? HVAC dampers are movable, plate-shaped devices that sit 4 to 6 feet from the main duct trunk. The damper can hold …

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How to Heat Your Home More Evenly

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A good HVAC system should keep your home comfortable during winter, but this is not always the case. If you’ve noticed inconsistent temperatures in your home, below are some things you can do to achieve more consistent warmth. 1. Have an AC Expert Check the Ducts for Leaks A portion of the heated air traveling through the ventilation system can …

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Why One Room Is Colder than the Rest and How to Fix It

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If you’ve ever walked from one room to another and felt a noticeable difference in the temperature, you’ve probably wondered why. When you set the thermostat in your home, every room should feel the same (unless, of course, you use zone control). So when it doesn’t, you can’t help but think that something is up! And it probably is. While …

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Can Dirty Air Ducts Make You Sick?

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There’s a lot of argument about whether or not dirty air ducts can make you sick. The truth is, they can. There’s a lot that can accumulate in your air ducts, from dust and dander to mold and pollen. If you think your air ducts are getting dirty, or you’re noticing your family getting sick more frequently, it’s probably wise …

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Balancing Your Home’s Air System and Why‏

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If you feel hot and cold spots in your home, you may need to balance your air system to set things right. Air balancing is the technical term for the process used to optimize your HVAC system. This makes sure temperatures are consistent throughout the home or building and the outputs of your air conditioning units are leveled appropriately.‏ ‏Air …

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How Much More Efficient Are New AC Units?‏

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Technology is steadily advancing, which has led to many improvements in central home heating and air conditioning. As a result, new AC units can be pretty efficient when it comes to saving energy and maintaining proper temperatures in the home.  Efficiency in New AC Units If you’re thinking about getting a new AC unit, you’ll notice pretty quickly that everything …