How to Find the Right HVAC Contractor for AC Repair

If you’re in the market for AC repair for your home or business, finding a reliable contractor is the first hurdle you have to jump. Unfortunately, that can sometimes be easier said than done. Unless you’ve worked with an AC contractor in the past that you can immediately call on, then knowing who to trust and which services you really need can be challenging.

No one wants to get scammed when it comes to servicing their heating and cooling system.  The good news is that it’s absolutely possible to find a skilled, reliable, trustworthy contractor in Yankton, SD to help you complete your AC repair. You just have to know what to look for!

5 Tips to Find the Best AC Contractor

Whether you need help for a significant repair or small service call, these tips will help you find the right professional for the job.

1.  Great reviews

Any time you’re looking for a service professional, prior customer reviews speak volumes. With this in mind, be sure to read the online reviews of the contractor you’re thinking about hiring.  Skilled HVAC professionals should have a solid track record of happy customer reviews that can be found everywhere from Google to Facebook. Be wary of any contractor that doesn’t have any reviews, or has more than the occasional negative review — there’s probably a reason for it.

2. Safety emphasis

While the HVAC industry may not seem particularly high risk, there are safety considerations that qualified contractors must take into account. As you look for a contractor to work with, pay attention to licensing and safety regulations. The ideal contractor will have all of your state’s required certifications and licenses, as well as their own insurance coverage for additional coverage. Don’t be afraid to ask for copies of these documents, either. If they have them, they’ll be happy to provide them to you.

3. Personability

Although your HVAC contractor is a service person, they’re still a person, and you should enjoy working with them. Before you hire anyone, make sure you find a contractor that you feel comfortable asking questions, having in your home, and being around your family. You don’t need to be best friends with your contractor, but you should feel safe and at ease in their presence. As an added bonus, you can build a rapport with this person and call on them any time you have an issue, which means peace of mind in the future should something go wrong.

4. Reasonable bid

Before you hire an HVAC service contractor, be sure to ask for a quote. This is a great way to plan the expense and gain a deeper glimpse into how your contractor does business. Although no two bids will be the same, your contractor’s bid should be relatively similar to the bids you’ve received from other contractors (and if you haven’t gotten more than one bid, make sure that you do). Any bid that is excessively high — or low! — is a red flag.

5. Professional contract

Last but not least, your contractor should present a professional, legally binding contract. Before work starts, this contract protects both you and the contractor and ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding start dates, scope of work, and pricing. If an HVAC contractor is willing to start work without a contract, that isn’t a good sign, and you should be cautious about moving forward with them.

Finding the Right AC Repair Contractor, Made Simple

As a homeowner or business owner, it can be a huge relief when you finally find an HVAC contractor you can trust to get the job done right. Not only does it put your mind at ease about the quality of work being performed in your home, but it’s a good way to start a lasting relationship with a tech who will serve your family for years to come. To get started with AC repair in Yankton, SD, contact our team today!

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