3 Advantages to Preventative HVAC Maintenance

Your heating and cooling system is like the superhero of your house. It keeps you warm in the cold, and cool in the heat. It filters pollen, insects, allergens, and molds, and with the touch of a finger, it puts your comfort level in your control. You know it’s important to keep your filter clean, and you’ve probably done some furniture rearranging a time or two to make sure you don’t block the airflow of register vents. You’ve likely made sure your outdoor condensing unit isn’t covered in debris or leaves, and overall, you’ve maintained your heating and cooling system the best you know how.

There’s a lot more to consider with air conditioners and furnaces to keep them going strong for years to come, and it starts with professional preventative maintenance.

Winter Security

There are two times a year that HVAC preventative maintenance is extremely important in most areas: fall and spring. That’s because you don’t want to be left in the cold or stuck in the heat during winter and summer months. With temperatures regularly below the teens, winter security is especially important in South Dakota communities!

From wires, nuts, and bolts to your furnace humidifier, your heating and cooling needs change and needs climate-specific adjustment when there’s a significant shift in outside temperature.

HVAC preventative maintenance includes things like:

  • Thoroughly checking inside your vents and ducts for obstructions that could decrease efficiency and airflow, or dislodge and cause damage to the ductwork.
  • Expertly adjusting and repairing loose bolts and wires as needed, so everything is operating properly.
  • Checking amp draw on capacitors and motors to be sure they’re all operating within manufacturer specs.
  • Thoroughly inspecting and diagnosing the cause and source of any odd sounds coming from your vents or furnace.
  • Cleaning and making adjustments to the humidifier water panel of your furnace so it operates the best it can.
  • Checking your entire HVAC system for outside or inside problems.

When you have your heating and cooling system inspected prior to the most severe weather months, you have the security of knowing how well your HVAC is functioning. If you do need heater repair in Yankton during the winter months, you’ll have the security of knowing the repair probably isn’t going to be major.


Preventative maintenance may uncover some small repairs that are needed to keep your system running at its best. These small repairs can in turn save you from super expensive repairs that could happen if those small issues had been neglected.

For example, it’s way cheaper to repair a single duct panel than it is to replace an entire section of ductwork because something was stuck-up there causing damage over time.

Most importantly, professional HVAC maintenance technicians know what to check and listen for, as well as what those sounds mean. If you hear something strange coming from your furnace, heat pump, or ductwork, it’s time to schedule heater repair in Yankton!

HVAC Longevity

Having your HVAC serviced for preventative maintenance will definitely increase the life of your unit. When equipment is not maintained, they have to work harder and operate at a liability to whatever isn’t functioning optimally. When everything is running smoothly, your HVAC has more energy to work on what it was designed to do: keep the temperature of your home as comfortable as possible for you!

According to Small Business Sense, HVAC preventative maintenance can also:

  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Improve indoor air quality

Increased energy efficiency decreases your utility bill, which may significantly impact household finances when utility costs spike during the winter. Plus, improved indoor air quality during the winter months is an essential part of keeping you and your family healthy. Bottom line, maintained HVACs mean long-lasting HVACs, and there’s nothing more cost-efficient than not having to replace your HVAC!

Get High-Quality Heater Repair in Yankton, SD!

Schedule professional fall HVAC preventative maintenance in Yankton, Vermillion, or a surrounding SD community, so our heating and air company can get your home fresh and winter-ready! Don’t delay —  contact us today for friendly, superior HVAC service.

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