Home Heat Hacks: Saving Money in Winter‏

If you’re not careful, your home heating bills can skyrocket in winter, especially on those extra-cold snowy days and weeks. The trick is to get your home as warm as you possibly can before cranking up the heat. After all, there are ways to keep your bills from going out of control without having to wear jackets indoors. First, you’ll want to figure out the ‏best thermostat temperatures‏ in winter before you find areas in your home where improvements can be made. Apart from that, here is how you can save money in winter with a few home heat hacks.‏

‏Check the Windows‏

‏Did you know that windows lose about ten times more heat than your walls? That’s why it’s crucial to ensure they’re up to scratch this winter. Do your own inspection and check for gaps and cracks around your windows because these can cause heat loss in your home. You’ll be surprised how much you can save by doing just that! One of the other ways to keep more heat in your home is to double-glaze your windows.‏ It’s certainly an investment, but one worth making, particularly for cold areas like ours. 

‏Flip the Fan‏

‏It’s a well-known fact that warm air rises. However, this can have a rather negative effect on your heating bills. While it might seem like the fan is a gadget to stay away from during the winter, you’d be surprised how much it can come in handy if you play around with it. However, the trick here is to switch from normal function and make it so that the blades spin in a clockwise manner. There’s usually a switch on the base of your fan that you can use to do this. Once the fan changes direction, it will create a slight upward draft. In the process, the warm air in your home will be pushed toward the walls, then back into the room, making your home warmer.‏

Stop Drafty Doors‏

‏Drafty doors can be your worst enemy in winter. A lot of heat can be lost via the gaps in your doors, especially under them. You can either fix this with a simple DIY foam project, or you can purchase a cheap draft dodger from your nearest warehouse or even online.‏ ‏Draft dodgers‏ are simple to install under your doors, and they can be removed when the weather becomes warmer. If you’re up for a DIY task, look for pipe insulation, cut it to size, and wrap it around the bottom of your door. You can do this for interior doors as well. ‏

Let the Sunshine In‏

‏This is probably the cheapest move you can make to lower your home heating bills. Open the curtains or raise your blinds when the sun is up. This is quite effective, especially when you open south-facing windows. These windows bring in the most amount of warmth during the afternoon. However, you must remember to close the curtains as soon as the sun goes down. ‏

These are some of the simplest home heating hacks that you can apply in your home this winter. However, sometimes this is not enough, which is why you need your HVAC working properly and efficiently, too! 

Is Your Home Ready for a Cold South Dakota Winter? 

‏The cold weather comes quickly, and by the time you realize that your heater is having problems, you may be stuck in a cold, drafty home! The best thing to do here is be proactive and get your HVAC checked so it’s ready for winter.

Make sure your home is warm this winter. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and ensure your HVAC system is ready for colder days. Our heating and cooling company proudly serves those in Yankton, Vermillion, and the surrounding SD communities.

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