Balancing Your Home’s Air System and Why‏

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If you feel hot and cold spots in your home, you may need to balance your air system to set things right. Air balancing is the technical term for the process used to optimize your HVAC system. This makes sure temperatures are consistent throughout the home or building and the outputs of your air conditioning units are leveled appropriately.‏

‏Air balancing can lead to better energy efficiency, a longer life span for AC units, and a more comfortable home. ‏‏Professional air balancing‏ is an affordable way to make sure your air conditioning units are optimized correctly and fix any cold or hot spots you’ve noticed.‏

‏How Does Air Balancing Work?‏

‏When your technician visits your home, they’ll test your AC unit’s performance to gauge how much air is coming out of the registers throughout the building. Technicians will use flow hoods and position them over the registers and that measures the air that’s currently flowing out. ‏

‏The technicians will take a look at the air pressure from the air supply and return side of your unit using a manometer. Your technician should also monitor the humidity in the different areas throughout the building which is done using a hygrometer. They will be able to monitor for any heat losses or gains in the building. ‏

‏Air Balancing Can Identify Hidden Problems‏

‏There’s an additional benefit to having your HVAC systems air balanced: technicians will be able to diagnose any potential issues. They can use the data they gather during their tests to understand how well your system is performing. Through their tests, they’ll uncover any inconsistencies in temperature throughout the building and uncover what is causing the problem.‏

‏Common issues that can be found during air balancing include blockages, damaged air ducts, any undersized ducts, and ductwork that has sharp turns. If your technicians uncover any issues like this, they can work with you right away to determine the best plan of action. Some solutions may as simple as insulation, but extensive works may be required for HVACs with serious design flaws.‏

‏Why Should You Balance Your Air System?‏

‏Your air supply is an important part of creating a comfortable living environment. Air balancing will address any airflow issues that might exist, and your technician can make sure that temperatures are maintained throughout your home. This can be particularly useful in summer or winter, where issues might be most obvious — and uncomfortable. ‏

‏When you call an HVAC company for air balancing, you’ll get a lot more than balanced air! Air balancing can lower energy bills because the AC unit will be running more efficiently. When your AC system has good airflow, it can also help prevent problems like mold and dust, which will increase the lifespan of your system.‏ 

‏Get AC Repair for Your Home in Yankton, SD‏

‏Whether you’re dealing with a broken AC unit, poor air flow, unbalanced air, or something else, our team of skilled technicians can help. To learn more or schedule an appointment, contact us today. ‏Our AC repair company proudly serves those in Yankton, Vermillion, and the nearby communities. 

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