Woman at her home setting up her thermostat in summer.

What’s the Best Temperature to Set Your Thermostat to in Summer?

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When summer arrives, most of us look to our air conditioning to keep us cool. However, what is the best temperature setting for your thermostat during this period? Maintaining the balance between finance and family comfort requires a delicate touch. Luckily, you can work through the different variables to save money while staying comfortable in your home. Today, we review …

Woman turning on her air conditioning system for AC maintenance check in the kitchen.

DIY: Home AC Maintenance Calendar

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You have a good reason to take care of your HVAC independently every year. The better you treat your home AC and heating unit, the more comfortable your home will be through every season and year after year. A well-maintained HVAC system provides powerful cold in the summer as well as cozy heat in the winter without complaint. So how …

Senior woman cleaning her home heating system with a piece of cloth.

Home Heater Not Working? Check These 3 Things

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When it’s close to freezing outside, the last thing you need is a cold house. Thanks to a malfunctioning heating system. When your heater stops working, your first instinct is likely to call an HVAC specialist to come and fix it. But before you make that call, you may want to try and troubleshoot the problem yourself. Here are three things you …

LAir conditioner service workers work on the outdoor unit for a senior man.

Preparing Your HVAC for a Snowstorm

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The heavy snowstorms of the winter months stretch your HVAC to the limit. That’s why you need to establish that it’s in great condition before winter arrives because you wouldn’t want it to malfunction during a blizzard when the temperatures are freezing. Our heating and air company Yankton, SD shares tips to help you prepare your HVAC for snowstorms.   …