Preparing Your HVAC for a Snowstorm

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The heavy snowstorms of the winter months stretch your HVAC to the limit. That’s why you need to establish that it’s in great condition before winter arrives because you wouldn’t want it to malfunction during a blizzard when the temperatures are freezing. Our heating and air company Yankton, SD shares tips to help you prepare your HVAC for snowstorms.  

Check the Insulation

Did you know that according to Energy Star, 90% of American homes are under-insulated? When the insulation in your home or property is inefficient, you consume more energy than necessary. Inadequate insulation also overstretches the HVAC system increasing the risk of malfunctions and breakdowns. Ensure that all the openings in your property are sealed properly to prevent drafts of cold air and snow from entering. This ensures that all the heat produced by the system goes towards heating the internal air without external heat loss. You may also perform routine inspections of the insulation in your property, especially openings such as windows and attics or balconies, to ensure that they are properly insulated.

Ensure All the Parts Are Working Properly

The HVAC has several parts that need regular inspection. Some need cleaning and replacement while others require clearance from blockage. That’s why you should check the most sensitive parts before the winter season commences.

The thermostat regulates temperature in your home, and it’s important to ensure that it’s working properly. Check if it’s reading the indoor temperature correctly and organize repairs to correct problems. You may also consider investing in a programmable thermostat to regulate indoor temperatures automatically, even when you are not at home. Maintaining the right indoor temperature will save you energy costs and protect the HVAC unit from damage.

Vents are the openings through which air comes in and out of your home or property. If the vents are obstructed by clothes or other household items, air will not circulate properly, leading to inefficient heating. Blocked vents can also make the HVAC to malfunction. Prepare for snowstorms by inspecting all the vents and checking that they are not blocked.

Air filters process and filter air before allowing it into the furnace. They become clogged with dust and pollen very quickly and need regular cleaning and replacement. If the air filters are clogged or expired, they reduce the efficiency of the HVAC system, causing it to consume more energy. This can be a major problem during the winter season when snowstorms and chilly temperatures put a huge strain on the system. If you hear forecasts of a snowstorm or a blizzard, check the filters and clean or replace them.

Heat pumps are an important part of the HVAC system, as they regulate heat transfer from the furnace to the indoor space. If they are not functioning properly, the furnaces will not be able to blow heated air properly into the system. Check if they are clogged because blizzards and heavy snow can exact a heavy toll on them. Remove any snow, dust, and other dirt that may be blocking the heat pumps to achieve maximum efficiency.

Schedule An HVAC Inspection

There is no better way of propping up your HVAC for the grueling winter months than organizing a routine inspection. Call a technician to check everything from the heat pumps to the electrical switches and ensure that they are working properly. The technician will replace parts that are worn out and make repairs where necessary. Routine inspections also have the potential to save you a lot of money by preventing costly breakdowns.

Protect Your HVAC System with Help from Our Heating and Air Company in Yankton

Schedule an HVAC inspection with our heating and air company in Yankton, SD to prepare your system for the harsh snowstorms of the winter season. We serve clients in Yankton, Vermillion, and the surrounding SD communities. Call now 605-653-4589 to schedule an appointment. 

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