How Much More Efficient Are New AC Units?‏

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Technology is steadily advancing, which has led to many improvements in central home heating and air conditioning. As a result, new AC units can be pretty efficient when it comes to saving energy and maintaining proper temperatures in the home. 

Efficiency in New AC Units

If you’re thinking about getting a new AC unit, you’ll notice pretty quickly that everything is labeled as “efficient” — and that’s because it is! When comparing older AC units to newer ones, here are the major differences in efficiency. 


‏AC energy efficiency is measured using SEER. This is the generally accepted measure of efficiency, and it stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Older air conditioning units have a SEER ratio that’s as low as nine. On the other hand, the new C units have a standard SEER of thirteen and above.‏

‏Many of the AC units on the market last about twenty or so years. However, once an AC unit is past twelve years, it stops working as efficiently as it used to. Replacing such a unit with a newer one can help you save 20-40% of your cooling energy costs.!

Energy Consumption‏

‏A simple way to better understand the difference in energy efficiency between old and new units is to look at energy consumption. Most older models will consume as much as 6000 watts of electricity per hour to properly cool a home. In comparison, newer units only need about 1710 watts of energy to cool homes of the same size. This means that when you upgrade your unit, you’ll reduce your electricity usage by 250%. While getting a new HVAC system can be costly, keeping an older unit will cost you $100 or more in wasted electricity every month.‏

Other Notable Differences in New AC Units 

Besides being incredibly efficient, newer units have other key differences that affect the performance and make them a great investment. 

Refrigerant Changes‏

‏There have been some changes in the types of refrigerants used in AC units. New units use the R-410A refrigerant, whereas most older ACs still use the R-22. The newer refrigerant used in ACs can better absorb and release heat compared to the older R-22. This means that your AC compressor will be able to run cool, which reduces its risk of burnout due to overheating. Apart from that, the R-410A also functions at a higher pressure than the older refrigerant. This means newer compressors are better able to handle stress, which lowers the risk of cracking (and therefore, replacing). ‏

‏Better Technology Options‏

‏The new technology involved in AC units is incredible. For instance, you can find some that use modulation technology, which can reach staggering levels of efficiency. Apart from just saving energy, these units are better at controlling temperature and humidity, which dramatically lowers the chances of having mold and mildew growth in your home, and boosts comfort and air quality.‏

Noise Levels‏

‏Older units tend to make a lot of noise. However, newer models can reduce the levels of noise by about 20%. This is because newer compressor technology is a lot quieter. Another factor that contributes to noise reduction in newer models is the shape of fan blades. New units are fitted with blades that rotate quietly without making any sound.‏

Lesser Maintenance ‏

‏If you own an old air conditioner, especially one that’s more than 15 years old, you’ll need to have it serviced about four times yearly to avoid major problems and expense. On the other hand, with a new unit, service is only needed ‏twice a year‏. This means owning an old unit can cost you an extra $200 per year. ‏

Get the Benefits — Upgrade Your HVAC System Today! 

‏Dropping money on a brand-new AC unit is a big deal, and it may cause you to hesitate, especially considering that it can cost thousands of dollars. However, it’s a great investment for any homeowner or business owner since newer systems can last upwards of 20 years. And, if you consider the monthly energy savings, as well as the annual maintenance savings, you’ll find that it’s well worth it and you’ll make your money back over time. 
Need AC installation for your home or business, or looking for someone to come service your HVAC system? Contact our AC company today! We proudly provide heating and cooling services to those in Yankton and other nearby areas in SD, including Vermillion.

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