Signs Your HVAC Ducts Need to Be Cleaned

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How often do you think about the ducts of the air conditioner in your home or business? You probably don’t! They’re a hidden, and often forgotten about, part of the air conditioning and heating system, but knowing the signs for when your HVAC ducts need to be cleaned will prevent surprise failures, not to mention help keep your air quality high and expenses low.

The HVAC duct system has more parts to it than just the tubing that air flows through. It includes drain pans, humidifiers, coils, and fans. It also includes spaces called plenums where important air exchange takes place. A plenum can be a duct, a joist space, attic, crawl spaces, or wall cavities.

So what are the signs that your HVAC ducts need to be cleaned?

Frequently Changing Your Air Filter

Take a look at your air filter from time to time before it’s recommended to be replaced. If you find it needs to be changed more frequently than advertised, this is a sign that ducts need to be inspected for leaks and contamination.

Dirty Air Conditioning Vents

See those vents on the walls, sometimes in the floors, and overhead on the ceilings? Those vents, also called AC grills, are the entrances and exits of your air ducts. They take air to and from the ducts. When you start to see an accumulation of dirt or dust around those grills, it’s an indication that your ducts are pushing and pulling an excess of dirt through the system.

Noisy Air Conditioning Vents

You may notice that your air conditioning vents are louder, rattling, or flapping. This can be a sign of debris. Debris found in AC ducts ranges from construction dust and materials like screws and nails to small toys, or even bits of plastic. These are obviously things you don’t want in your HVAC, and professional duct cleaning will make sure your ducts are free of these things. 

Moisture Around Your Air Conditioner

Your AC ducts take air from inside of your home and run it through the HVAC system where moisture is separated from the air, the air is then heated or cooled and returned. If you notice moisture around your vents, schedule an appointment with your local HVAC company right away. Moisture contributes to mold and bacteria formation in the AC ducts, which can lead to all sorts of problems for your family and home.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is an important part of your health. The EPA recommends appropriate duct maintenance and cleaning to prevent indoor pollution from mold, bacteria, pollen, dust, and debris.

Air Conditioner Always Running and House Not Cooling

This is a less common sign to have just your AC ducts cleaned because a lot of other factors can be at play. Keep in mind, though, that most other factors are still related to dirt and debris reducing airflow and increasing your HVAC’s workloads. This inevitably leads to parts wearing down or breaking.

Higher Energy Bills

If there is clogging in the ducts or elsewhere in the system that you can’t readily see, monitoring your energy bills is another way to help you stay alert to possible changes in the system that could be making it use more energy.

Are you seeing or hearing any signs that your HVAC system needs a look, or has it just been a while? Don’t be blindsided by your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system breaking. Costly repairs are almost always the result of a system going too long without the proper care. Your HVAC system is an expensive, important part of your home, and the better you maintain it, the longer you can enjoy it. 

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