Woman at her home setting up her thermostat in summer.

What’s the Best Temperature to Set Your Thermostat to in Summer?

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When summer arrives, most of us look to our air conditioning to keep us cool. However, what is the best temperature setting for your thermostat during this period? Maintaining the balance between finance and family comfort requires a delicate touch. Luckily, you can work through the different variables to save money while staying comfortable in your home. Today, we review …

Man adjusting the temperature of his thermostat at home during winter.

Best Thermostat Temperature in Winter

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When the temperature drops, we turn up the heat to stay comfortable. Most people prefer their homes somewhere between 65 and 75 degrees F depending on your personal body temperature and the temperatures you’re accustomed to. However, wintertime is also often associated with higher power bills because you want that heat going constantly to ward off the outdoor chill. When …