3 Warning Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Home Heating Unit

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As the colder months slowly move in, most homeowners begin to worry whether their heating unit will get the family through the season. It’s best to go ahead and make arrangements now to have your heating unit checked and upgraded to a new system if needed. Everyone knows a warm home is essential to make it through cold and freezing temperatures, and the only way to do that is with a properly working unit. The key to keeping a properly operating heating system year-round is to catch and resolve small problems before they become big ones. Here are three warning signs to help you recognize it’s time for a home heating unit. 

Aged Home Heating Unit/Loud Noises

It’s easy to hold on to something old, especially when there’s a need to save money. Old heating units often cost a lot to repair, and sometimes it’s just best to just give in and purchase a new one. With the winter months approaching, and flu season in full force, staying warm will be a big part of staying healthy as well. As home heating units age, their parts begin to weaken, resulting in hardware damage. It is recommended that old units 10 years and over be replaced.   

Have you been noticing unusual loud noises in your heating unit? The noises might give a whole new meaning to “a bump in the night.” These aggravating noises often sound like a constant popping noise which is usually the parts being damaged while operating, or a rattling noise, caused by loose ducts or equipment. You might even hear sounds that start low and get louder over time. All this is a sure indicator a new heating system is needed.

Uncontrolled Temperatures

Test your rooms’ temperature. Does the temperature feel equally warm in each area? If not, this is also a sign that the unit is getting old and working less efficiently. When aging heating units reach around 15 years old, the ability to distribute heat evenly is lost. There is no need to keep moving your thermostat up and down, as it will not help the temperatures become even. It is time to start thinking about purchasing a new heating unit. You might have even noticed your energy bill running extremely high from month to month. No one wants an unpredictable energy bill showing up; it’s difficult to plan other household spending around it. Your bill shouldn’t fluctuate without you knowing why.

Constantly Paying Repair Costs

At some point, it’s best to go ahead and put out the extra money to get a new system. If you notice that you are putting out more money each year instead of staying warm, it’s time to consider upgrading your system. Heating bills often run high due to the continuous adjustment of the thermostat or the heating unit working improperly. There are ways that you can cut your energy bill and save money. Make sure you are getting your heating unit maintenance every year.

Find Out if You Need Furnace Replacement in Yankton, SD!

To help with the maintenance of your home heating unit, hire a professional technician within your area. Addressing issues right away helps you save not just the life of your unit but also money better spent elsewhere. Remember, heating systems over 10 years of age are usually best replaced as opposed to repairing their parts. There is no need to pay money for a unit that is not worth the repair cost. Instead, purchase a new heating unit that will get you through another 10 plus years. Finally, remember to schedule maintenance appointments well in advance — most HVAC companies get very busy during the winter months. To find out more about replacing your furnace or heating unit, contact us today!

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