Why One Room Is Warmer Than the Rest and How to Fix It

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There are instances when you might find that, for some reason, one room in your home or office building will be warmer than the rest. This is always a little frustrating, but more so when it’s a room you spend a lot of time in. It all comes down to air balancing. 

‏What Is Air Balancing?‏

Air balance involves adjusting the levels of cooled and warm air received by each room in your home. If your system is perfectly balanced, all your rooms will receive the same hot and cold air. This means every room would reach and stay at the same temperature consistently. When you find that a single room in your home has a higher temperature than the others, it means that you have an unbalanced system.‏

‏Common Reasons Why One Room Might Be Warmer and How to Fix It‏

Air Vents‏

‏The first thing to suspect when one room is warmer than the rest is your air ‏‏vents‏. If the vents in that particular room are closed, then they’re probably what’s causing it to be warmer than the rest. If this is the case, there’s nothing to fix, really. All you have to do is open the vents!

Air Ducts‏

‏Apart from the vents, you’ll also want to check your air ducts. There are cases when your ducts can become clogged with debris. This includes dirt, dust, and pet hair. The easiest way to fix this would be to clean the air ducts.‏ Newer homes are less likely to face this issue, but homes that are 5, 10, 15, or more years old are probably due for a cleaning anyway. 

‏Similarly, it can be the case that there are leaky ducts in the other rooms. As such, warmer air will be escaping from those rooms and not from the room with ducts that are intact. An HVAC professional can handle this appropriately and ensure your ducts are all in good working order. 

‏HVAC‏ System Problems

‏The problem could also lie within your‏ ‏HVAC system‏ itself. If the system wasn’t installed properly, it could cause some inconsistencies in the temperatures of rooms in your home or office building. If you suspect this may be the case, a skilled technician can come in and replace your HVAC system. 

‏Overexposure to Sunlight‏

‏If the warmer room has lots of windows, there are chances that heat from the sun will easily enter and become trapped in the room. This creates a mini greenhouse effect. As a result, that room will be warmer than the rest. ‏To stop this from happening, you can install window treatments like blinds or heavy curtains This will block the sunlight during the day when it’s super hot. You can also install a ceiling fan to help cool the space. 

Choose a Reliable AC Company in Yankton, SD

‏It can be annoying and inefficient to have a room that’s warmer than others in your house, especially when the weather is warmer. If you’re dealing with this problem and don’t know how to fix it, we can help. Our HVAC technicians are fully qualified and can balance your heat and cooling levels for you.
To get started, schedule an appointment today! Our AC repair company serves those in Yankton, Vermillion, and the surrounding SD communities.

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